TIGI's Custom Application lifecycle services are made to order — aligned, developed, and tailored to meet your exact business strategy and technology specifications.  With the increase in the availability of 'off-the-shelf' applications and the emergence of many interoperability standards, organizations today are confronted by many options. Our domain knowledge, project management expertise, development methodologies, and best practices free you from the boundaries of commercial packaged applications enabling you to:


  • Reduce time to market costs
  • Gain and sustain a competitive edge
  • Transcend the boundaries and limitations of packaged applications
  • Address your exact requirements and needs.







TIGI has well-defined methodologies that cover all aspects of software development. We utilize several methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, and SDLC. Our core Custom Application offerings include:


  • Conceptualization of the product
  • Requirements gathering to build parameters and outline product functionality
  • Designing the initial product
  • Developing the product based on original designs
  • Testing products to ensure they meet original requirements or market specifications​                                             
  • Deploying products in multiple languages around the world


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