Organizations are running to the massive pools of corporate data residing on their databases to unlock key trends and make better business decisions. This requires that the legacy data be accessible to other systems, often requiring the development of sophisticated connectors between disparate systems.

Our Business Intelligence services provide you with an end-to-end offering of data services and tools from design and development lifecycle management to business knowledge and insight. TIGI provides the following services thereby enabling you to:


  • Gain control over the ever-expanding volume of business information
  • Make informed and timely business decisions
  • Leverage business-critical information

Enterprise Information Strategy - TIGI provides a road map for implementing Business Intelligence throughout your organization. This includes needs assessment, tool assessment, and risk analysis.

Integration and Implementation - TIGI provides a full range of business implementation services including the design and development of data warehouses and data migration. Business Intelligence is more than just analytic applications. TIGI has expertise in getting data from non-traditional sources as well as integrating with other systems such as workflow applications.

Our team can help you access and monitor the leading indicators of future performance by using dashboards and financial analytics.



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